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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Where do you go to find debt advice?

Urban KudosWe all know that debt advice should be impartial. Other then government organisations, who do you trust to give you reliable debt advice?

I need legal advice on debt settlement. I heard that debt settlement companies offer legal advice on debts?

I need legal advice on debt settlement. I heard that debt settlement companies offer legal advice on debts.

Where can I find debt advice?

rockinrobin523 I am looking for someone ( I am willing to pay a fee) that will just talk to me about my current financial situation. I just need a fresh perspective. I don’t need to hire anyone to solve my problems or “Fix a budget” or give them my check so they can pay my [...]

Where can I get free legal advice regarding credit card debt?

Amy I’m searching for a web site or phone number to get free legal advice for credit card debt. I need a place that will give me an immediate answer. Thanks for your help. Related Blogs Related Blogs on Credit Card Debt Unpaid credit card debt is bad? | Nonprofit debt consolidation Credit Card Debt [...]

Any advice or suggestions on getting out of debt?

Memo GI am serious and devoted to eliminating my credit card debt. I am putting all bonuses, tax returns and left over money towards my 4 credit cards totaling about $12,000. Any tips, secrets or advice on how to get out of debt faster. I have tried to work with the banks to lower my [...]

Need DEBT advice A.S.A.P?

redrenontv I’m a 23 year old who has made some pretty bad financial decisions. I have 2 personal loans out right of which total to about $7,000. One of the companies is Cash Call which i have yet to find a debt consolidater that will work with them. I’m at a point in my life [...]

I am considering entering a debt management program. Anyone have any advice?

kas5292 I am considering entering a debt management program because I am way over my head in credit card debt. I know it may not be the best solution but it seems I keep putting it off, getting no where paying down my debt. Does anyone have advice or comments? Related Blogs Related Blogs on [...]

What was George Washington’s advice about debt?

What was his advice to the New Nation about debt and accumulating it? plz answer, thanks! Also, what was his advice about POLITICAL PARTIES? Related Blogs Related Blogs on George Washington Get Schooled! Benefit ::: George Washington High School ::: 11.19.10 Vox Populi ยป Bedbugs found at George Washington dorm Related Blogs on Nation Debt [...]

Debt Advice?

kel5204 My boyfriend has bad debt, and cannot deal with the collection agencys abuse so we contacted American Credit Foundation which is a non profit credit counciling foundation that has agreed to make a payment plan so he can pay back the 2 creditors he owed. I figured this would give him a chance [...]

I need advice about an old debt and my bank account?

thomashoneckerI found out today that a hold was placed on my bank account with a large debt amount in my balance. When I went to the bank to inquiry about it, they said that a law firm put a hold on my account, that I must owe someone money. They gave me the number to [...]