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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Are people sued for giving bad financial advice?

Jaster Rogue Specifically I mean advice between friends, not advice from a licensed adviser. Related Blogs Related Blogs on Adviser Related Blogs on Financial Advice Getting Best Financial Advice 4 Ways Your Financial Advisor Should Help You – | Nest Egg News Feed Related Blogs on Friends Business Opportunities Through Family and Friends | Money [...]

who do i contact to get financial advice?

klcmommy i have to get my financial situation in order in 1 and 1/2 years. i have really bad credit and i need to pay it off and be able to buy a home. who do i call to help me figure out exactly what i need to do to reach my short term goals? [...]

I am looking for forums that offer financial advice, specifically to people who have mortgage troubles?

benlong The web sites should not be ‘financial institutions’ looking to earn money by offering loans or other types of packages. I am simply looking to discuss problems with other people who have encountered similar problems. The types of advice would include how to handle being ‘slightly’ upside down in debt, and what types of [...]

To you, what is the most annoying financial advice?

redwine Mine is the advice to “brown bag it” (lunch) as if taking lunch from home is practically free . For example, If you buy stuff to make sandwiches, you’d have to eat it everyday if you don’t want the different ingredients to go bad hence, wasting money. I guess this might work if you [...]

Where is a good place to get good free financial advice?

lakecity21 I have some money I want to invest but, nothing is paying right now and nobody that I call is allowed to give advice. I don’t understand the market. Related Blogs Related Blogs on Free Financial Advice New Music Related Blogs on Invest Japan to Invest $6.4 billion in Green Technologies | CleanTechies … [...]

How Snoring Destroys Relationships And What Measures You Can Do To Block It

It’s not fun to lose sleep just because you happen to share a room with somebody who snores. Just suppose what will happen to you every night if your roommate snores? It won’t be a good night each night. The snorer isn’t affected that much because he doesn’t even hear the noise while he is [...]

The Importance Of Roof Inspection

Before reselling a house or when it begins to leak or show obvious indications of deterioration isn’t the only time you should have a good look at the condition of your roof. By inspecting the following aspects of your roof often and by maintaining it, you will save quite a bit of money and effort. [...]

Your Best Bond Fund Investment Strategy – Bond Bubble 2011

Just in case Chicken Little is right and there is a bond bubble that deflates in 2011, what’s your best bond fund investment strategy in regard to these income funds, which you probably own or are considering? If this so-called bond bubble bursts, even the best bond fund of yesteryear could make you feel like [...]

Embroidery Machine Designs

Who would have thought that more than 20 years ago, that embroidery machine designs would reach to every seamstress and enthusiasts in such a global scale? The machines actually allow you to make art without the actual sewing and the designs are truly spectacular. Adding to its popularity, the internet has become a medium of [...]

Security Cameras For Your Home And Property Start With IR Color Dome Camera

I told a buddy of my need for a device that could allow me to keep track of our backyard. It was because our house is located in the far end of a gated community, extremely close to the perimeter wall. “You will require security cameras for your home and property,” was his instant guidance. [...]