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Tips For Making the Most of Your Tax Refund

Most people dread tax season.  They are certain that they will lose more money than they can handle or are anticipating.  However, many others find themselves receiving satisfactory refunds of over $2,000.  The following advice should help you prepare for your tax refund as well as figure out what to do with the refund money [...]

What Happens To Debt When A Person Dies?

The aftermath of a death is undoubtedly an incredibly sad time, wherein the last thing the deceased’s family wish to worry about is how to handle any debt that their loved one has left behind. Yet unfortunately, the reality is that when a person dies, there are many financial affairs that must be handled, including [...]

Are people sued for giving bad financial advice?

Jaster Rogue Specifically I mean advice between friends, not advice from a licensed adviser. Related Blogs Related Blogs on Adviser Related Blogs on Financial Advice Getting Best Financial Advice 4 Ways Your Financial Advisor Should Help You – | Nest Egg News Feed Related Blogs on Friends Business Opportunities Through Family and Friends | Money [...]