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Category Archives: Personal Finance

Confessions Of The Average American Consumer

Sadly for the average American consumer, the recent economic downturn has highlighted how poor our everyday financial management has become. Living Within Your Means It appears that in the space of a generation, we’ve lost all the good common sense and financial principles that our parents and grandparents used to display.   The generation before [...]

Non profit debt relief

Debt is a word that no one really wants to hear, and having or getting into debt is something that no one wants to deal with. However, in many cases getting into debt is unavoidable. Buying a car or a house is usually the starting point in the steady downward motion of going into debt. [...]

What Happens To Debt When A Person Dies?

The aftermath of a death is undoubtedly an incredibly sad time, wherein the last thing the deceased’s family wish to worry about is how to handle any debt that their loved one has left behind. Yet unfortunately, the reality is that when a person dies, there are many financial affairs that must be handled, including [...]

who do i contact to get financial advice?

klcmommy i have to get my financial situation in order in 1 and 1/2 years. i have really bad credit and i need to pay it off and be able to buy a home. who do i call to help me figure out exactly what i need to do to reach my short term goals? [...]

To you, what is the most annoying financial advice?

redwine Mine is the advice to “brown bag it” (lunch) as if taking lunch from home is practically free . For example, If you buy stuff to make sandwiches, you’d have to eat it everyday if you don’t want the different ingredients to go bad hence, wasting money. I guess this might work if you [...]

Day trading the inner workings

The first step in developing a lucrative online investing method would be to pick a market along with the type of time frame which you will use. All markets and time frames are generally traded. It is advisable to remain within the electronic markets when trading in futures. When you trade employing smaller time frames [...]

perceiving different types of modeling

Do you need to find the best talent agency to help you when you’ve decided to really take your acting career or modeling career seriously? You’ll want to protect yourself and find an agency that has your interests at heart. Two words: “fully licensed.” That’s a good sign the agency is on the level. Also [...]

Tips And Hints On How To Invest For Your Retirement Safety Net

Retirement might be a long way off for you personally – or it may be right around the corner. Regardless of how near or far it truly is, you have totally got to start off saving for it now. On the other hand, saving for retirement is not what it was considering the rise in [...]

How To Keep In Touch With People When Being A Home-Based Worker

Many benefits can be said to be luring most people to start online businesses which they find easy to operate from the comfort of their residences. It is now a trend that is catching on very fast with most people. The mystery in all this is the way most people start to feel that they [...]

Forex Signals Providers For The Amateur And Knowledgeable Currency Trader

When making use of a forex alerts service, investors without any experience in the forex market will be capable to be involved with no need to understand how to conduct particular chart and market investigation. Forex trading alerts may almost be compared to having a managed forex account. Though a person is providing you with [...]