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Empty commercial property rate relief must stay

Empty property tax relief needs to remain in Scotland, it has been said. Empty commercial property rate relief should remain in Scotland in order to help the industry, it has been said. The Scottish Property Federation (SPF) has called for the rate relief for vacant premises to remain, saying the fragile economy would not be [...]

I am looking for forums that offer financial advice, specifically to people who have mortgage troubles?

benlong The web sites should not be ‘financial institutions’ looking to earn money by offering loans or other types of packages. I am simply looking to discuss problems with other people who have encountered similar problems. The types of advice would include how to handle being ‘slightly’ upside down in debt, and what types of [...]

Why would a Primerica agent offer me financial advice at no cost?

Carlitos I need financial advice to either refinance my home or sale it. A co-worker gave a Primerica agent my number and left me a message to call back. I just don’t understand why some would give advice without knowing me? Is there a catch or something I don’t know. Related Blogs Related Blogs on [...]

Where can I find unbiased financial advice on purchasing real estate from a family member?

Andy K I am interested in buying my mothers house and I/we would like to speak with someone such as an attorney or financial adviser that could help point us in the right direction with regards to types of loans, tax advantages etc… My feeling is that a real estate agent would not likely be [...]