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Bad Credit History is a hurdle that can be overcome

There is nothing new in people in debt with a need of a solution; it has happened for centuries. It is just that there are more solutions to the problem these days in the form of advice and guidance and more lenders willing to provide loans with no credit check to help debtors. A household may have [...]

What is an IVA and How Can it Help Solve Your Debt Problems?

Short for Individual Voluntary Agreement, an IVA is a special legal agreement that can be taken out to help an individual in debt. An IVA works in two different ways. Firstly, the agreement helps the person in debt agree a manageable repayment strategy with the creditor. Secondly, the fixed term of an IVA means that [...]

Accrued debt due to retirement expenses? You can eliminate them

to go for holidays, movies, visit your family and long time friends, and cherish every single moment of your retired life. In short, it’s the time of your life that you had always dreamed of. However, all along the way you hardly realize that your retirement expenditures have actually escorted you to a lump some [...]

Avoid Debt with Renters Insurance

If you’re trying to get out of debt, you might be resistant to making any purchases, but there are a few purchases that are actually justified if you’re hoping to make smart financial decisions – and one of those purchases is renters insurance. Like homeowners insurance, renters insurance protects you in the case of an [...]

Jump Start Your Emergency Fund

When people hear the word debt, they often think of excessive credit card usage or multiple loans with high interest rates. While credit cards and loans may often be culprits, other factors such as unexpected accidents, loss of a job or a sudden illness can cause people to lose a primary – if not sole [...]

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