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Reverse Merger Scams and Public Shell Scams, You’re Candy to Freaks and Food for Sharks

So, you’re thinking about going public and your company is too small to get an investment banking underwriter so you decide to take the bull by the horns and hire a consultant that can help you with a direct filing. You call the first guy you see advertising on Ad-words, he’s got a nifty site [...]

Taking A Company Public? Find Out What Real Power Is

From one blog maniac to another, I feel that blogging gives us all an opportunity to express our opinions, good and bad, off the cuff and to the masses. I remember getting bad service in a Subway sandwich shop with my family, I sent out a twitter to my group and in 24 hours I [...]

Sleep With One Eye Open – Uncle Sam Won’t Help Your Company

Lets face it, if you are a small or medium size business owner, the government looks at you and sees dollar signs and instead of words coming from your mouth they just hear ‘cha ching’! Don’t be naive you mean about as much to your local congressman as a slab of road kill to maggots. [...]

Reverse Mergers and S1 Filings – How To Decide Which is Best For Your Company

If you’re interested in going public you’ve obviously been bombarded with the realities of shell mergers, reverse mergers, pink sheets, OTCBB, London Exchange and other so called options that will no doubt confuse your efforts. Wolves in sheep’s clothing and roses with contaminated thorns run rampant in this industry. People are typically the opposite of [...]

Corporate Structuring Strategies – Belvedere Global Strategies Corporation – Reverse Mergers

Going public, the ultimate in the evolution of companies who are seeking access to powerful global finance options for rapid expansion, deepening corporate roots and gaining industry prominence as a true powerhouse and player. The process of going public is technical yet pretty straight forward: business plan, Private Placement Memorandum, Direct Public Offering, Financial Audit, [...]

Equity Pre IPO Investments – IPO Information – IPO Investment Strategy- Read This First

When investing in an IPO or Pre IPO there are several things to keep in mind. Crucial elements to the success of the company and a better return on your investment are the company’s board of directors, C level executives and the professional pedigree that each brings into the company and the portfolio of contacts [...]

Educate Your Sons and Daughters: An M and A View Of Their Future

In life, real life (not this politically correct utopia brainwash content they are force-feeding our children with in school to cripple their minds) is truly, absolutely survival of the fittest. Make no mistake intellectual battle lines are drawn and at the end of the day there are two educations a child gets today: School and [...]

The Dynamics of Global Urban Expansion – What Is Global Expansion

Whether I’m speaking to a group of university students who are under the delusional assumption that they are going to change the world or a group of board members who have just had their butt handed to them by the shareholders or ‘C’ level executives trying to take a regional or domestic corporation global, the [...]

Taking Your Company Public: Good Luck, You’re Going To Need It

Taking a company public has multiple intricacies. I get calls and emails daily from people who want a quote for taking their company public and I respond the same way each time, “No Thanks and good luck, you’re going to need it if this is how you’re approaching the process of going public”. Business owners [...]

Micro Cap Company – Micro Cap Fund – Pink Sheets – James Scott

Take Your Company Public: Have Investors Begging To Invest! As the economy worsens and banks continue to crash and the US dollar is losing its place as the world currency American entrepreneurs need alternative funding solutions that cater to ongoing capital needs that take advantage of the international finance stage as opposed to domestic institutional [...]