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What You Need To Know About Secondary Stock Offerings

The stock market has two markets: the primary and secondary market. When companies raise the capital for the first time, or the so called Initial Public Offering, they will do it in the primary market. Initial Public Offerings are meant to finance expansion and companies that list on the stock market are those that are [...]

Rewards and Negative Effects of a Business Selling Stocks Publicly

Business in a stock market has several advantages and disadvantages to encounter. There are lots of reasons for enterprises in endorsing their shares; even so most emerging firms consider a public offering to obtain additional means for the growth of the company. Think about the benefits and hazards initially just before deciding whether it is [...]

Why You Need to Buy Secondary Stock Offerings

Beginners and expert investors can find a lot of opportunities in buying and selling stocks. However, there are different factors to be considered before investing in stocks especially if you want to maximize your earning potential. For one thing, have you consindered investing in secondary stock offerings? What does it mean by secondary stock offerings? [...]

Day Trading – Get the Feel for It

Day Trading is what they called as the practice of endorsing and marketing of financial instruments to the investors all throughout the same investing day such that all positions are generally closed just before the market close for the trading day. Traders that participate in day trading are called active traders or day traders. Some [...]

Protecting Yourself from Penny Stock Fraud

When you’re faced with a great stock offer that seems too good to be true, don’t forget the cliche, not all that glitters is gold. People who are into penny stocks are bombarded with offers every single day that it is just so easy to ride the seemingly perfect wave that some many reputable investors [...]

Penny Stock Fraud 101

Penny stock fraud typically involves one or several kinds of investor fraud: Pump and dump schemes that use false or misleading statements to hype up stocks, which are then “dumped” on the public at inflated prices, usually through telemarketing or Internet fraud; chop stocks, or stocks bought for pennies but sold for dollars, affording both [...]

Earn More With Convertible Bonds

In the world of finance and stock market trading, there are financial products that can provide you with great benefits both from the realm of stocks and the realm of bonds. These are called convertible bonds, and they can be a very good investment under the right conditions. Convertible bonds are bonds that companies issue [...]

Should You Trust a Stock Promoter?

We have all seen good ideas turn into bad things. Sometimes it just happens. And oftentimes, it is not the idea itself but some people that make the situation take a wrong turn. That is exactly what happened to stock promotion. The Internet, in particular, has a lot of swindlers because of the anonymity that [...]

Learn about Penny Stock Fraud Before Its Too Late

No one ever wants to get into a fraud situation, especially if there is money involved. But sad to say, there are a lot of unscrupulous individuals out there, and if youre not careful, you could fall into one of their schemes. So the best line of defense is to educate yourself. There are different [...]

How to Profit from Secondary Stock Offerings

Have you ever wondered how to earn money from trading stocks without having to deal with major risks? Try buying some secondary market offerings. It’s one way of earning from stocks with lesser risks involved. When a company goes public for the first time, it usually issues an IPO or an Initial Public Offering. Over [...]