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Student Loan Consolidation

Frequently Asked Questions About Student Loans FAFSA Where do I get an Application form for FAFSA? The form is here: You are encouraged to apply online, however if you would like to send a good old fashioned paper version of the form and you can still do so. You will need to contact your [...]

Where is a good place to get good free financial advice?

lakecity21 I have some money I want to invest but, nothing is paying right now and nobody that I call is allowed to give advice. I don’t understand the market. Related Blogs Related Blogs on Free Financial Advice New Music Related Blogs on Invest Japan to Invest $6.4 billion in Green Technologies | CleanTechies … [...]

Day Trading

In the current climate of extreme financial austerity and vicious cut-backs, people are naturally searching for methods of supplementing their income. It is difficult enough for those who relied on overtime that no longer exists, but it is even harder on those who have lost their jobs. There are two main avenues that people are [...]

Consider Switching To Green Funds As A Timely Move In Tune With Environmental Concerns

Investors who wish to have an impact on our planet’s future select green funds as their vehicle. An attractive green fund is one that is looked after by individuals with a finger on the pulse of changing thinking ” and changing prices in the market. And with so many industriesin flux, from utilities to transportation [...]

Most Excellent Car Loan Offers-How To Attain Them

Are you aiming to file for a car loan, and acquire the best offers out of it? If your answer is yes, then this post is intended for you. Before you put your name on one of those papers that ensure “anxiety-free” transactions, you must initially spend time going over the fundamentals. Contemplate not only [...]

How To Get An Investment Property Mortgage For Real Estate

Real estate investors today who are buying property to fix up and resell need to understand that the single most important part of your business should be attracting private money lenders. Investors typically look for investment property mortgage companies first but there is a better source for funding your real estate deals. When looking for [...]

How can I get some financial advice for my business?

Chris H I own a Motel and Restaurant. I owe about 1.3M. It has been appraised at 2.75M. No one will loan me money. My score is good over 700. What can I do? Related Blogs Related Blogs on 3m Related Blogs on Money Money Creation Home Invasion Bernanke Denies Printing Money. Mogambo Not Convinced. [...]

Should You Trust a Stock Promoter?

We have all seen good ideas turn into bad things. Sometimes it just happens. And oftentimes, it is not the idea itself but some people that make the situation take a wrong turn. That is exactly what happened to stock promotion. The Internet, in particular, has a lot of swindlers because of the anonymity that [...]

How to Profit from Secondary Stock Offerings

Have you ever wondered how to earn money from trading stocks without having to deal with major risks? Try buying some secondary market offerings. It’s one way of earning from stocks with lesser risks involved. When a company goes public for the first time, it usually issues an IPO or an Initial Public Offering. Over [...]

How do I get truly independent financial advice?

inyalake I have the feeling that my money is being used more for the benefit of my financial advisor than it is for me. Anyone had a similar problem? Related Blogs Related Blogs on Benefit Related Blogs on Independent Financial Advice Ethical Investments – the Questions to Ask Business Development Manager – Independent Financial Advice [...]